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Specifications :


1 HP4000 Hand Punch Clock :
  • Barcode reader slot
  • 2 Line LCD Display
  • Keypad with function keys
  • Relay connections for Bells, Door Locks, etc.
  • RS422 communication
  • Optional Ethernet card available for communication over your office network ($550.00)

Pallet Track® Hand Punch Clock System Software :

  • Automatic Punch Retrieval
  • Set each employee's start time, ending time, minutes to round forward, minutes to round backwards and lunch
  • Choose to pay any employee for lunch if they do not exceed a pre-set number of minutes
  • Automatically deduct a pre-set amount of minutes for lunch from every employee
  • Set clock Time & Date with a click of the mouse
  • Save pre-set Bell Schedules, then download them to the clock with a click of the mouse
  • View every employee who is currently working and the times they punched
  • Manually punch out each employee or punch everyone out simultaneously
  • Review Punch Times for each employee for any day
  • Review Total hours for each employee for any week
  • Quickly edit punch times for any employee who may have missed a punch
  • Create a file that can be imported directly into your payroll software and avoid having to enter the hours manually
    (Currently providing file for Creative Solutions Payroll Software)
  • All time punches are logged into a database which can not be altered
  • Produce reports that can be printed or emailed directly from system
  • Integrated User's Guide

Punch Details (Lists each employee and the times they punched, adjustments if any, and their total hours)
  • Today
  • Current Pay Period
  • Previous Pay Period
Exception Reports  
Lateness (Identifies each employee who punched in after his/her scheduled time)
Lunch (Identifies each employee who did not punch out for lunch or did not punch back from lunch)
Overtime (Identifies employees who have exceed 8 hours in a day)
Left Early (Identifies employees who worked less than 8 hours in a day)

All exception reports are available for Today, Current Pay Period and Previous Pay Period

Pentium Based PC, 166mhz processor or higher
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, XP, 2000 or NT
20MB Hard Disk space
16MB RAM (32 recommended)
1 Serial communication port or NIC card for Ethernet version clocks
  For more information contact.
Innovative Data Systems, Inc.
1650 Sycamore Avenue
Suite 43
Bohemia, NY 11716
(631) 244-0069

Pallet Track® is a Registered Trademark of Innovative Data Systems, Inc.