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Specifications :

Includes Pallet Mill System Software and additions listed below (See Pallet Mill Specs)


  • Records the total purchase price of standing timber negotiated by the landowner and forester
  • Records additional costs such as skidder, trucking and misc
  • Records book mileage and odometer mileage for comparison.
  • Allows entry of current gate-wood costs for comparison during harvesting.
  • Generates a unique tract ID number which is used for receiving timber and calculating profitability of each timber tract

  • Uses Tract ID number to calculate costs of timber and value received from tract purchase
  • Logs are scaled automatically in both International ¼ and Doyle by entering the length and diameter of logs
  • Costs are affixed automatically by tract information and species of log
  • Store logs in pre-set locations or mix together without ever losing tract information costs or values

  • Calculates the production yield of lumber produced based on Int ¼" scale footage of logs verses actual board footage of lumber
  • Calculates the TRUE cost of on grade lumber by the cost of logs cut less a pre-set price for cants and railroad ties
  • Identifies the value of the logs cut and the value of the lumber produced to determine the success of the production run
  • All material produced is tagged and retains costs for future processing or sale


  • Calculates production yield of re-saw machines
  • Allows for "SAME-IN / SAME-OUT-Different length" routines to simplify data entry on machines such as an L&M or any bulk crosscut
  • Special routines for Corner Trim, Notching, Chamfering, and any other equipment which does not change the dimensions, but adds
  • Labor to the cost of material
  • Special routines for nailing machines allow labor and cost of overhead to be passed on to pallets produced
  • Calculates labor based on actual time of run and the employees hourly rates. These costs, as well as hourly overhead costs, are Distributed throughout the products produced.
  • Each pack of lumber produced is tagged to electronically identify the run its was produced which enables you to have full accountability of all information back to the original standing timber tract.


  • Open Production Runs
    • Lumber
    • Pallet
    • Sawmill
  • Completed Production Runs
    • Lumber
    • Pallet
    • Sawmill
  • Lumber Packs
    • Long Length
    • Components / Grade Lumber
    • Inventory
    • Long Length Summary
    • Component / Grade Lumber Summary
    • Logs
    • Whole Trees
  • Stand Summary (Timber Tract)
    • Purchase (Amt. purchased form tract)
    • Receiving (Amt. Received from tract)
  • Shipments
    • Anything shipped, including Logs
    • Grade Lumber, Ties, etc.
  • Receiving
    • Long Length Lumber
    • Logs
    • Whole Trees
  • Vendor Listing
    • Landowners
    • Sawmill Vendors
    • Whole Trees
  • Machine Listing
* Date Range: Today, Week To Date, Last Week Month To Date, Year To Date and Last Year (YTD)

  • 1 Pallet Track® Wireless Sawmill Software HOST version
  • 1 Pallet Track® Wireless Sawmill Software WORKSTATION version
  • 1 Software Network Controller
  • 1 Symbol, Spectrum 24 UPGRADED Transceiver
  • 1 Symbol, Spectrum 24 UPGRADED Antenna
  • 1 Symbol, PDT6840 Wireless Data Terminal with 16-line display and scanner
  • 1 Symbol, Charger Cradle for PDT6840
  • 1 50' RS422 Communication Cable
  • 1 RS232-RS422 Converter

Additional PDT6840 Wireless Terminals With Pallet Track® Software (Can have up to 14 terminals)
Additional PDT6840 Wireless Terminals (for replacement only)
Additional Charger Cradles
Carrying Holster for Terminals
Additional Transceivers (For Upgraded Version Only)
CAT5 Communication Cable
4 Slot Universal Desktop Charger
Battery Pack Adapters (Required for Desktop Charger)
Battery Packs for PDT6840


  • HOST PC Pentium based 500mhz or higher (must be dedicated)
  • 64mb RAM (128 or higher is recommended)
  • NIC card
  • Local Area Network
  • Switch environment is preferred over hub in heavy network traffic
  • Network Connections and PC in Sawmill Production Area (may be shared)
  • Workstation PCs (may be shared)

1 P.C. for HOST version - Unlimited Network versions on the same LAN as the HOST version

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