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Specifications :


Purchases (Unlimited Vendors*) :

  • Products received on purchase orders
  • Products received by pre-set pricing
  • New Pallets / Reconditioned Pallets / Remanufactured
  • Wholesale / Retail from Street
  • Purchases or Charges from Customers
  • New Components / Recycled Components
Pallet Repair Programs / Sortation :
  • Receive trailers to be sorted and or repaired at a later time
  • Tracks overall quantity, types of pallets sorted/repaired and calculates charges
  • Assigns a tracking number for FULL accountability
Production (Unlimited Products*, Unlimited Employees*) :
  • New Pallets / Reconditioned Pallets / Remanufactured Pallets
  • Pallets to be Dismantled / Pallets to be Discarded
  • New Components / Recycled Components
  • Manual Workstations, Automated Repair Lines
  • Automatic Nailers, Dismantlers, Saws, Notchers, and more
  • All costs incurred during production runs. Including costs of Material used, Overhead and Labor
  • Profit Margins are automatically calculated based on costs incurred during production run and value set on item produced
  • Run Numbers are assigned to production runs, for FULL reverse accountability from all vendors and employees
Compensation :
  • Calculated from pre-set piece rates for each inventory item
Product Locations :
  • Assign products to pre-set location sites for easy retrieval/rotation
Real Time Inventory :
  • Each time an item is purchased, produced, discarded, shipped or changed into something else,(such as during pallet manufacturing) the inventory is updated to reflect that change
  • Always maintain an accurate inventory with true cost and value
Shipments :
  • Track all products shipped and who they were shipped to
Receiving :
  • Track all NON STREET VENDOR purchases in "static" database to insure receipt before paying vendor


Compensation :

  • Each employee's compensation is based on a pre-set piece rate assigned to each inventory item
Cost and Profit Margin of Production :
  • Each repair station or machine can have a pre-set overhead cost / hour. This cost is multiplied by the time of the run to calculate the cost of overhead for each run, then added to the cost of material and the cost of labor
  • These costs are compared with the value of items produced to calculate the profit margin during a run
Cost of Purchases :
  • Detailed listing of all products purchased
Average Cost per Pallet :
  • Continuous calculation of Average Costs, based on the cost paid during the purchase process


  • Employee Compensation
    • Open Production Runs
  • Closed Production Runs
  • Purchases
    • Street Vendors - Paid in CASH
    • Street Vendors - Paid by CHECK
    • Street Vendors - Account CREDIT
    • Street Vendors - ALL
    • Street Vendors - SPECIFIC
  • Tagged Inventory Items
    • Sorted by Description
    • Sorted by Location
    • Sorted by Date Tagged
  • Inventory with Values
    • New Pallets
    • Reconditioned Pallets
    • Awaiting Repair Pallets
    • Remanufactured Pallets
    • New Components
    • Recycled Components
  • Shipments
    • Receiving
  • Customer Listing
  • Vendor Listing
    • Street Vendors
    • Pallet Mill Vendors
  • Machine Listing
  • Employee Listing
Most reports available in the following Date Ranges where applicable: Today, Week To Date, Last Week Last 7 Days, Month To Date, Year To Date, Last Year YTD

  • 1 Pallet Track® Wireless System Software HOST version
  • 1 Pallet Track® Wireless System Software WORKSTATION version
  • 1 Symbol, Spectrum 24 Transceiver
  • 1 Symbol, Spectrum 24 Antenna
  • 1 Symbol, PDT3140 Wireless Data Terminal with Scanner
  • 1 Symbol, Charger Cradle for PDT3140
  • 1 10' RS232 Communication Cable


Additional PDT3140 Wireless Terminals With Pallet Track® Software (Can have up to 14 Terminals)
Additional PDT3140 Wireless Terminals (for replacement only)
Additional Charger Cradles
Carrying Holster for Terminals
Upgrade to MULTI-TRANSCEIVER EDITION. Allows you to expand coverage area by adding additional transceivers
Additional Transceivers (For Upgraded Version Only)
RS-422 Communication Cable (For installing the transceiver more than 10' from the PC)
RS232-RS422 Converter (needed for above cable)


  • Pentium Based PC, 433mhz. Processor (or higher)
  • 32mb RAM or higher (64-128 recommended)
  • 100mb Storage Capacity
  • 1 9 pin Serial Communication Port
  • 15" VGA Monitor (or higher)


1 P.C. for HOST version - Unlimited Network versions on the same LAN as the HOST version

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