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Online Production Manager

Features & Specifications

Pallet-Track suite of software designed for the pallet industry.

Includes up to 3 devices - add additional devices for a nominal fee.
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Android (Samsung, HTC, etc etc)
  • Windows (computer or tablet)
Unlimited Products
  • Set up any type of product
  • Set Piece Rates for any product
  • Set Number of Employees working on each product
  • Set Stack Quantities for easy tracking
Unlimited Logins
  • Set Admin logging credentials for all employees managing the system
  • Set User credentials and generate specific log on barcodes for all users
Email Confirmations
  • Automatic emails can be sent each day indicating production numbers
  • Automatic email for number of employees working each day.
Seamless Integration with Mill Manager™
  • View Production / edit Production / generate production reports.
  • View Compensation / edit Compensation / generate Compensation reports.
  • Calculate Piece Rate Overtime and send to Payroll System
  • Share/Set Employees / Inventory / Costing with a click of a button
Employee Accountability
  • Unique barcodes are scanned and can not be scanned again.
  • Each pallet or stack of pallets is identified by the employee's barcode
  • Maintain individual employee quality control
True 24/7/265
  • System is hosted on a secure dedicated cloud server
  • No dependency on your facility. Production can be tracked even if you lose power
  • Virtual Server has 99.9% uptime reliability rating.
  • Data is entered in real-time with virtually no lag time.
Maintain Control
  • Users can be disabled with a simple click of a button
  • You issue passwords to each user and maintain the ability to view them

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